Superior quality eliminates costs and downtime

An aluminimum alloy plant in Italy was using sidewall belting from a local supplier. It was only five months before the sidewalls were completely destroyed, resulting in the application of flat irons and enormous repair and downtime costs. Dunlop belts previously used at this facility had a lifetime of around four years, so the customer contacted us.

Our Solution

We supplied a new belt with cleats and sidewalls manufactured using our unique hot vulcanising system that eliminates the requirement for flat irons and produces a practically maintenance-free belt

The Challenges

The new belt, complete with cleats and sidewalls was required very quickly as the installation was stopped. We supplied and fitted the belt and had the installation operational again within five days of receiving the order.

The Result

Belt life has been increased, operational costs reduced due to there being no flat irons, maintenance costs are reduced and unplanned downtime eliminated.

The damage to sidewalls and cleats after only five months of use can be clearly seen in these pictures.

Sidewall conveyor belt ready to be delivered to the customer.

Dunlop Super Strength belts do not require flat irons and have been proven to last an average of four years on this type of installation.