Dunlop Super-Strength has a number of advantages over other sidewall belts

  • Base belts specifically designed for optimal performance with
    our sidewalls and cleats

  • Customised presses and heating elements used in the production process lead to outstanding adhesion beween base belt and sidewalls/cleats

  • Flat irons are not needed, meaning lower weight and therefore lower power consumption

  • Customised rubber profiles are available to suit all types of conveyed
    material at any angle of incline or decline

  • The quality, for example, heat, fire or oil resistant, of the cleats
    and sidewalls is matched to the base belt

  • All products manufactured by Dunlop in European factories

  • Guaranteed for 24 months against premature failure caused by faulty materials or workmanship.

  • Produced using rubber compounds designed to provide an extended operational lifetime that is longer than other manufacturers by 50% or more

  • Premium product to operate in the demanding conditions and handle aggressive materials.

  • Manufactured using only the very best materials available, our belts require very little maintenance.

  • Repairs are virtually never required. For example, our method of attachment of cleats and sidewalls means that they never detach.

  • Fully ozone resistant according to EN/ISO 1431

  • Safe to handle - compliant with REACH regulations (the European regulations controlling the use of hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of the rubber).

New customised equipment leads to superior adhesion between belts and cleats/sidewalls

No need to use flat irons

A variety of combinations of base belts, cleats and sidewalls is available