To meet the many and varied needs of our customers throughout the world, Dunlop manufactures the most comprehensive range of industrial conveyor belts and agricultural belting products available in the market place today. Our conveyor belts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality workmanship using only the very best materials.

Dunlop conveyor belts provide outstanding value for money because of their superior life-expectancy and excellent resistance to heat, fire, impact, cut, abrasion, chemical substances, oil and grease.

Dunlop Conveyor Belting has an outstanding track record of product innovation and development. We are extremely proud of the fact that our products have become the benchmark for the industrial conveyor belt industry. You can read more about our belts here.

The properties of cleats and sidewalls (for example flame retardant, abrasion resistant etc) can be matched to any of our base belts. There is an extensive range available suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Belts are available:
  • With a tensile strength up to 2000N/mm
  • In widths from 500mm to 1400mm
  • In the following qualities:
    • Abrasion resistant - DIN Y or DIN W
    • Oil/grease/resin resistant
    • Heat resistant
    • Flame retardant - ISO340

Cross-rigidity of the fabric is important for two reasons:
  1. Easy running on the return part of the conveyor, where belts are supported only by side rollers
  2. To prevent distortion at the critical points where the belt transitions from horizonal to vertical, or vice versa, where belts are led only by side support wheels.
Belts are constructed from a multiply carcass plus one or two layers of our special cross-rigid fabric contained within the covers.
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For medium duty applications, we include two extra layers of the cross-rigid fabric.

...and depending on the application we can inlude two layers of cross-rigid steel cables instead of cross-rigid fabric