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Lower operational costs, lower cost of ownership

Dunlop Super-Strength is the only choice

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No flat irons required, no repairs needed

Our hot vulcanisation process means permanent adhesion of cleats and sidewalls

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Customised rubber profiles matched to the base belt

Quality materials and manufacture leads to long service life

Dunlop Sidewall Belting is a highly specialised product manufactured by Dunlop Conveyor Belting, world-class manufacturer of rubber conveyor belting for industrial applications, and provider of associated services. This product range is a response to the demands of our customers, who were looking for more reliable and long-lasting sidewall and cleated belting. We have developed a unique vulcanisation process that fulfils these needs.

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Dunlop Super-Strength

The best raw materials and quality manufacturing create sidewall belts that are more durable, lower maintenance and longer lasting than any other sidewall belt on the market.


Dunlop Super-Strength sidewall and cleated belts are available in many combinations. A range of base belts is available along with sidewalls and a number of different profiled cleats.

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Dunlop Conveyor Belting
Dunlop Conveyor Belting is part of Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions, the world's leading conveyor belt manufacturer, with twelve manufacturing facilities on five continents, plus a worldwide network of sales and service branches and authorised distributors.
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Sidewall & Cleated Conveyor Belts
All of our base belts, cleats and sidewalls are manufactured at Dunlop factories in Europe using only the best quality raw materials and and our unique production methods to create belts that never need to be repairs, offer lower cost of ownership and greater belt life.

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